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Erotic nude girl wallpapers aim to invoke passions without depicting the physical act of sex. Thus, it is a highly charged form of art that has been the focus of many philosophical debates. While public European eroticism was buried under layers of Pompeii-like ash, other cultures indulged in their kinkier pleasures. This adult themed wallpaper is a tongue in cheek nod to this fact. It's a common misconception that Roman society was a sexually licentious and promiscuous one. In truth, the civilisation that spanned over 1,000 years from the founding of the Republic to the fall of the Empire was a surprisingly moral one.

However, if we look at the art discovered in Pompeii and Herculaneum - artworks that are today regarded as pornographic - we can see evidence of a more erotic culture. Whether in brothels or private homes, the artists depicted heterosexual, homosexual and group sex scenes.

When these works were first rediscovered by the Enlightenment era, their openness puzzled and troubled them. In fact, when King Francis I of Naples visited Pompeii in 1819 and saw the collection he dubbed the "gabinetto segreto" (secret cabinet), he ordered the works to be locked away. Despite being re-opened, closed and then re-opened again, it's never been completely open to the public again. The Naples museum now keeps a small selection of the works behind a brick wall.

The 'Dark Ages' is a term thrown around rather loosely to imply that the period following Roman civilisation was a time of ignorance and error. Yet looking at the incredible array of manuscripts, metalwork, buildings and texts that flooded this period, it seems rather less bleak.

As with the 'Roman era', religious art dominated medieval culture, and secular objects were left out of serious scholarship. So erotic images of the time are not well preserved - but those that do exist are intriguing.

Perhaps the most interesting medieval erotic nude wallpaper comes from France, where the concept of sexuality is a little different. The 'Je ne sais quoi' that is French sexual culture allows for public indulgence in certain ways, but mostly, it's a bit more private and semi-irresponsible. Atelier Blink's Erotic Toile de Jouy wallpaper captures this a little better than most, with its gin-fuelled evening shenanigans and back street sex.

When in 2007 scientists discovered a series of paintings and engravings on the limestone ceiling of a collapsed cave shelter in France's Vezere Valley, they made history. Dating back 30,000 years, they were the oldest known depictions of human love and sexual activity. They were also among the earliest examples of erotic art.

If the ancient Romans and the slightly less-ancient Indians were able to enjoy communal and flexible couplings, by the 19th Century Europeans were a right drag. Gin, syphilis and back street shenanigans were the order of the day. So thank God, or Shiva, for the invention of gin, which loosened upper and lower arses, as captured in this Toile de Jouy design by Pascale Risbourg.

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Although erotic art may have survived the ashfall at Pompeii, public European acceptance of carnal pleasures took a big knock during the Dark Ages. Legs were covered, peccadillos ignored and the sexy, sultry side of life was kept under wraps. Thank goodness, then, for the invention of gin. It may have caused mass social delinquency as typified by Hogarth but it also loosened up the upper and lower classes. Pascale Risbourg's Toile de Jouy design, for example, reflects the indulgent delinquency of an 18th Century gin-fuelled evening.

But the 60s saw a return to freedoms of all kinds. Gay culture emerged from the shadows and countries began to decriminalise homosexual relationships and love. This adult erotic nude wallpaper by Atelier Blink takes a traditional damask pattern and injects it with French sexual culture. Naughty but parfait! Find more erotic designs in fabric, wallpaper & home decor here. These designer fabrics, wallpaper & cushions are made by independent artists and your purchase supports them! Or upload your own designs for custom fabric, wallpaper & home decor.

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