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Nude girl games

Despite a recent backlash against nude female characters in video games, game developers continue to blatantly flash the boobs. They want to titillate the presumed straight male player audience but, unfortunately, they just can't seem to find a smart way of doing it. Years before Naughty Dog stunned the world with Uncharted, Rare was sneaking a little nudity into their NES titles. In Rings of Power, the isometric RPG allows you to de-cloak a blonde woman.

A group of college students led by Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale go to Mexico for spring break and wind up trapped in a cursed version of the party nude girl game, where they must keep playing or die. Despite being as disposable as horror movies get, this low-budget thriller from Get Out and Split producers Blumhouse has its charms. One of the most disturbing dares a demon forces players to do involves putting their hands in fire and climbing a spiky iron gate. It's the first time we see a character (played by Tyler Posey) suffer because of the game, and a reminder that the demonic spirit really lives for drama.

Naked girl XXX games

Bubble Bath Babes is an adult-oriented puzzle naked girl XXX game that looks like upside-down, nude-themed Tetris. It was developed and published in 1991 by C&E for NES, though it wasn't licensed by Nintendo - it was one of three pornographic naked sex games released by mail-order through Panesian along with Hot Slots and Peek-A-Boo Poker. It was localized in the U.S. as Mermaids of Atlantis and in a kid-friendly version, Magic Bubble, which omits all the adult elements. A cheat code that gives you all the stages is available if you start a new game while the "STAGE" message is displayed, by pressing Select, Up, Right, Down, Left, and A, B, A, B.

The tried and true sexiness of naked people has been selling calendars and lining mechanic's shops for years, but it has also found its way into naked women sex games. From sexy eroges to a bizarre masocore platformer, these getting naked games show nudity in all its glory.

This adult 2D fighting game features a paltry six scantily-clad playable fighters that all sport a little more than just their bras. But even that hardly makes this tepid cash-in worth the triple digit prices physical copies of the naked game sell for these days.

Naked sex games

Developers have never been more blatant in their desire to flash nude female forms at a presumed straight male gaming audience than with this strange cross-over. Its wacky jiggle physics and healthy dose of suggestive content ensure that gamers will not forget this naked girl XXX game anytime soon.

The Sega CD's first full motion video game, Dracula Unleashed takes place ten years after the events of Bram Stoker's novel. Embark on the adventure as Alexander Morris as you take to the streets of 19th century London and hunt down a series of mysterious murders. Familiar faces like Jonathan Harker and Van Helsing will aid you along the way as you investigate the grisly killings that may or may not be linked to Count Dracula himself.

The gameplay is pretty standard for a FMV game of this type. Throughout your investigation, you'll be given certain items and told specific times and locations where story-driving scenes will occur. It's up to you to get there within that timeframe with the correct item in possession. Dante's Inferno (360/PS3, 2010)

Naked women sex games

Turning Dante Alighieri's seminal poem into a video game might seem like a surefire digital car-crash, but Visceral Games pulls it off with impressive skill. Armed with an oversize scythe yanked from the Grim Reaper's bony hands, you crawl through hell in a series of levels that represent each of the seven deadly sins.

The nude girl game has all the hallmarks of a hack 'n' slash, including the ability to magically suspend yourself in mid-air by continuously hammering attack buttons, gated arenas and big boss fights. But the gameplay is more than just competent, thanks to a superb soundtrack and some beautifully crafted cinematic sequences. God of War Trilogy (PS2/PS3, 2005-2010)

The original trilogy of PlayStation 2 God of War games crystallized the angry, edgy, young adult masculinity of its time. The 2018 reboot of the franchise on PlayStation 4 performed an equally rare feat: it reclaimed that acclaim without losing its audience. The first game introduced players to Spartan warrior Kratos and his vengeance-fueled madness. The second, Ghost of Sparta, reveals his brother's plan to bring down Mt. Olympus. The third, God of War III, delivered an extra-large helping of blood and gore but lost the connection with its audience with an angry-all-the-time asshole protagonist.

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