Dirty and kinky sex games for couples

Dirty sex games for couples

For couples who like to spice up their foreplay, try some kinky twists on classic games. For example, replace the cards in Jenga with sexy dares and watch who cracks first. Another great dirty sex game for couples is sex dice. You can buy them online or make your own with a regular set of six-sided dice printed with pictures of body parts and actions.

1. Masturbate Next to Each Other
Masturbation is a sexy thing to do solo, but doing it with your partner can take things to the next level. And according to experts, it's also a great way to build intimacy and increase your sexual desire for each other - and some studies suggest that masturbation can even be an aid in sexy, satisfying partnered sex. For a boost, add sex toys to your masturbation session (make sure it's agreed upon beforehand), or try blindfolding yourself for some extra kinkiness. Just remember to communicate with your partner throughout, says Stray Conger. A little feedback goes a long way when it comes to mutual masturbation, as do auditory cues like dirty talk.

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2. Squirt
Women's bodies can generate a clear fluid during orgasm. Pornography often depicts large gushes but this is often faked for dramatic effect. Research shows that squirting or ejaculation is a common part of many sexual experiences. A lot of people think that squirting is pee. This is incorrect but it has real ramifications for the way we view female pleasure. Squirting is a natural part of orgasm and can feel great. It's also an important biological feature that helps keep harmful bacteria away from the vagina. So let's stop demonizing squirting. Instead, enjoy it whether it happens before orgasm or afterwards. Most orgasms are terrific anyway!

3. Prisoner's Dilemma
The Prisoner's Dilemma is a classic example of game theory, and the puzzle has attracted a great deal of attention from researchers in a number of disciplines. It features a situation in which two people have to decide whether to confess their crime or remain silent. If they both choose to confess, the outcome obtained will be worse for each than if one of them had chosen to remain silent. The prisoner's dilemma illustrates how group rationality can be thwarted by behavioral biases.

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4. Hot & Cold
The hot and cold kinky couple sex game is a manipulative sex technique that's crafted for control. Your partner will shower you with attention, flattery and flirtation until they feel like your resistance is beginning to show. This is when they will begin to "go cold" on you. They may even start to act disgusted and insult you for the same things that they complimented you on previously. This is a pattern that will continue until they are convinced that you have shown insubordination and are no longer a threat to their ego. This is a dangerous naughty game for couples to play, but one that can be defeated by refusing to engage in it.

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5. The Closet
Authoritative nooks like bedrooms, private studies, and the closet that enclosed the janitorial staff of Samuel Pepys's office shaped intimate interactions in early modern England. Closets became resonant symbols both for those worried about a shift to public knowledge and for those who embraced the new possibilities of broader social inclusion. Incorporating insights from media history, cultural studies, and queer theory, The Closet reexamines the many iterations of this status-conscious space and sheds light on what went on inside them. The result is a richly detailed study of eighteenth-century intimacy, with uncanny resonances for twentieth-century coming-out narratives.

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